Omah Lay – Boy Alone Album (Deluxe Edition)

Omah Lay – Boy Alone Album (Deluxe Edition)
Omah Lay – Boy Alone Album (Deluxe Edition)

Omah Lay, an outstanding Afrobeats depression singer just announced his latest album “Boy Alone (Deluxe Edition)” which the songs compiled in it has been making waves across Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Omah Didia known by his stage name as Omah Lay started singing around the year 2019 with his debut “Lo Lo” which was promoted on African magic channels on GOTV and DSTV back then. This increased the popularity of the artist, he later went viral with “Godly” a blockbuster song that gained him worldwide recognition back then.

Boy Alone EP (Deluxe Edition) is an album you’re sure to love, if you’re a fan of Omah lay, you should know he doesn’t rap, his songs contain slow and lyrics that makes you wonder if the artist himself was depressed while composing his lyrics.

Boy Alone Album (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist By Omah Lay Below.

  1. Omah Lay – Reason
  2. Omah Lay – Come Closer
  3. Omah Lay – It’s Yours
  4. Omah Lay – Imagine (feat. Aitch)
  5. Omah Lay – Joanna
  6. Omah Lay – Soso (Remix) (feat. Ozuna)
  7. Omah Lay – Recognize
  8. Omah Lay – i
  9. Omah Lay – Bend You
  10. Omah Lay – Woman
  11. Omah Lay – I’m A Mess
  12. Omah Lay – Temptations
  13. Omah Lay – Understand
  14. Omah Lay – Never Forget
  15. Omah Lay – Safe Haven
  16. Omah Lay – Attention (feat. Justin Bieber)
  17. Omah Lay – Soso
  18. Omah Lay – How To Luv
  19. Omah Lay – Tell Everybody (feat. Tay Iwar)
  20. Omah Lay – Purple Song

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