National shutdown as NLC, TUC nationwide strike take effect

Nigerian unions shut down power grid
Nigerian unions shut down power grid (Naija News)

Nigerian government workers has reported began an indefinite strike which shut down all power grid and airlines across the country due to the federal government’s failure to approve the new minimum wage.

This strike was started by the Nigerian labour congress (NUC) & Trade Union Congress (TUC) two of the biggest unions that has been been in power since president Bola Ahmed Tinubu became the president of Nigeria.

Transition Company of Nigeria (TCN) reported that the union member drove away station workers and shut down power which resulted to a large power outage across the country around 2:00 am on Monday.

Furthermore, Nigerian Airlines has also suspended all flights and operations till further notice which has caused a great discomfort to travelers.

The Power and Airline Unions said it instructed all workers under their union to comply with the indefinite strike singe on Friday as this aims to make things better for government workers in Nigeria.

After Tinubu took office, he removed the fuel subsidy which kept petrol at a cheaper rate but cost the government itself $10billion last year.

This had an effect on the cost of living in Nigeria as food prices hikes up and salaries of workers remain the same, the workers had made complaints severally but none was heard which lead to this indefinite Strike.

The unions which declared the strike on Friday agreed it would remain in place until the new minimum wage is approved by the government which aims at increasing workers salaries.

The Transition Company of Nigeria claimed they were trying everything they can to restore the electricity but union members were obstructing grid recovery nationwide.

The union also demanded for an electricity tariff hike that took effect last month for customers that use power the most, as government tries to take subsidy off the economy.

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